Boise’s Newest Bridal Boutique Offers Custom Design Wedding Dresses


When Deb Spoja was in her 20s and all her friends were going off to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco to buy their wedding dresses, she thought about opening a bridal shop in Boise. Instead, she fell in love and got married herself. After raising four kids and helping her husband get through medical school and become an Army doctor in Texas, she finally got her chance.

“When he was deployed to Afghanistan I came back home,” says Deb.  “I wanted my kids to go to Boise High like I did.”

After her husband left the Army, she decided it was time to put her degree in business and financial marketing to use.

“I felt like Boise really needed a high-end bridal boutique that could offer people the opportunity to purchase the same designs and get the same experience that bigger cities offer.”

Not long after, she met Daci Johnson. You could say fate had a hand in it.

“It turns out my son had been going to school with Daci’s daughter since junior high,” Deb says with a laugh, “When they were sophomores he asked her to the homecoming dance. When I saw the dress Daci made for her I was in awe. Then I saw the amazing wedding dresses she was making out of her home and I knew this would be a perfect partnership.”

In July 2014, the huge bank of windows in the Alaska Building along Main Street suddenly came alive with a blizzard of white lace and linen. LaNeige was open for business. The name literally means “the snow” in French, and it speaks volumes about what goes on inside Boise’s newest bridal shop.

“Business has been really good,” says Deb. “People are talking to their friends, and our staff has done an incredible job earning us a reputation for amazing customer service. And it doesn’t hurt that we have one of the best European designers in the world right here in our store.”

Deb and Daci travel to the same markets that store owners from bigger cities do, and they bring back the same fashions to Boise. In addition to Daci’s own line of custom dresses, LaNeige features well-known designers like the popular Spanish line, Pronovias, CB Coture and Casablanca, one of the top U.S. companies.

“We bring in new dresses every six months, which matches the pattern most designers follow,” says Deb. “With all the wedding shows on TV these days, brides are getting more educated on what’s out there, and becoming more fashion forward in their choices. Daci’s designs definitely have more of a European flair, and because of her family ties  she’s normally designing the same things Paris has going on.”

“Bridal shops can be intimidating,” adds Daci. “but our bridal consultants are very good at making customers feel comfortable when they come in for an appointment. This is a big decision, and it helps if they have someone with 20 years of experience taking care of them. And, of course, we bring out some champagne.”

Bottom line, why spend all that money traveling back and forth to other cities to find the perfect dress when, chances are, LaNeige has it right here in downtown Boise.  And if you don’t find something just right, Daci can create the perfect one-of-a-kind snowflake of a dress just for you.