Adventure is a Nine-Letter Word

The word “adventure” conjures up different images for different people, and let’s face it; some images are just prettier than others. For my hard-core outdoorsy friends, adventure means tackling the Appalachian Trail with three pounds of dried beans, a tarp the size of a Kleenex and a compass. Just to fluff things up a bit, they might take a change of socks.

Audi Q5 Diesel has Fuel Economy and Performance

Audi Q5 Diesel has Fuel Economy and Performance 1

Clean diesel power appeals to drivers on two levels: performance and fuel economy. Audi’s midsize utility vehicle, the Q5, is available with five powertrains, ranging from a 2.0-liter turbo to the supercharged V-6 in the sporty SQ5, but the one that catches my eye is the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6.

Become the MacGyver of Self-Esteem

Become the MacGyver of Self-Esteem

Self esteem is a powerful tool that can influence the world around us, creating the life we desire. We should properly nurture and cultivate it. We use our self esteem as a framework to create boundaries and to set a certain standard in society. It is our foundation for inner peace, balance and growth. If self esteem is too high, we are considered arrogant and rude. With low self esteem, we lack confidence necessary to be taken seriously. Using my training as a life coach, I’ve assembled key tips to help you become the MacGyver of Self Esteem.

Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Entertaining in the Great Outdoors 4

Summer— a time for playing baseball in the back yard, enjoying long summer evenings and inviting family and friends to a backyard cookout. Guests relax as they wait for their meal. Mouths water as tantalizing scents waft from the grill. Meanwhile the harried host runs in and out of the house grabbing hamburger fixings, utensils and other odds and ends while trying to get dinner ready. When the party’s over, the host has to lug everything back into the house. An outdoor kitchen allows the host to slow down, enjoy the party and socialize without having to run to the house for forgotten ingredients.

VitaNovu: New Life

VitaNovu: New Life 5

We know we can’t stay young forever, but a Boise doctor can help you look and feel younger at an anti-aging practice called VitaNovu, meaning “New Life.”
Trained by world renowned experts in procedures such as cosmetic lasers, botox, fillers and skin rejuvenation, Jenifer L. Barry, MD has extensive experience in treating a variety of cosmetic conditions. As a skilled anti-aging physician she can also recognize and effectively treat these conditions using an inside out approach. 
“Many patients seek cosmetic correction for their physical concerns without understanding that there are internal imbalances that are at the root of the problem. Common complaints such as acne, rosacea, cellulite, or facial hair growth in women can stem from hormone and/or nutritional imbalances that will never be fully treated through the use of cosmetic procedures alone,” explains Barry.
VitaNovu differentiates itself from other medical spas and skin care centers by offering patients a comprehensive approach under the care of a specialty trained physician who is treating the whole patient, rather than simply selling cosmetic procedures that only offer temporary improvements in appearance.
Anti-Aging Medicine, also known as Functional Medicine, does not merely prevent or reverse the physical appearance of aging, as the name might imply. Rather, it is a fundamental approach used to optimize the health and function of the human body by addressing the factors that can accelerate the aging process, such as nutritional deficiencies and environmental exposures. These are some of the same factors that lead to common symptoms and diseases that are most prevalent in the world today.
Deviating from the conventional medicine model, “a pill for every ill,” Barry does not simply prescribe pharmaceuticals, which she argues only serve to mask symptoms and create harmful side effects and long-term complications.  Her primary focus is getting to the root cause of disease and addressing the patient as a whole person, with unique needs, not just a symptom or a diagnosis that is treated the same way in every patient.  Advanced metabolic testing, typically not found in a conventional medicine practice, is utilized to determine where imbalances lie, allowing her to formulate a highly personalized and scientifically validated treatment plan for each individual patient.
A comprehensive anti-aging treatment strategy typically focuses on six fundamental components:
1. Stress Reduction
2. Nutrition & Gut Health
3. Exercise
4. Sleep
5. Hormone Balance
6. Detoxification
“VitaNovu’s mission is to restore balance to the body and educate and empower our patients to live long, confident and healthy lives,” states Barry, owner and medical director of VitaNovu. At VitaNovu, the emphasis is not only on restoration of a youthful appearance, but on optimal health and total wellness.
Boise native, Jenifer L. Barry, MD, majored in biology at Boise State University and earned her medical degree from the University of Washington in 2007. She has been practicing hospital based medicine since 2010 and is board certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine. Two years ago, Dr. Barry entered fellowship training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to earn board certification in both Anti-Aging Medicine as well as Aesthetic Medicine. Last year she opened VitaNovu, a progressive anti-aging and aesthetic medical practice that is passionate about restoring health and revitalizing youth for all of its patients.

Seven Summer Adventures

Two hours north of the Treasure Valley is another treasure: the mountain village of McCall. This winter playground has just as much to offer when the weather heats up, and there is plenty to do all summer long including fireworks over the lake, music festivals and a farmer’s market.

Triumph Over Trials

Triumph Over Trials 3

Eric Moore’s toes cling to a half inch of rock 200 feet above the ground. Struggling, Moore fails to find his next hand hold. Friends and family cheer him on as he makes another attempt. He reaches farther scanning for a place in the solid granite to wedge his fingers. He fails. He fails again. Finally his fingers find their mark and he continues his victorious climb up the rock face to the top.

June 2015 Around Town

June 2015 Around Town 2

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the opening of a Michael Kors Lifestyle store here in Boise this May.

Show Off! Fine Art Show

Show Off! Fine Art Show 11

Smith & Coelho The Real Estate Company sponsored and hosted a free fine art show in Eagle. Guests dined on delicious food amidst spectacular art created by local artists.

Boise Lifestyle Launch Party

Boise Lifestyle Launch Party 11

Supporters gathered at Chandlers Prime Steak and Fine Seafood for the official launch party of Boise Lifestyle magazine. Well-wishers enjoyed visiting with friends both old and new while savoring delectable Hor d’oeuvres and drinks.

Outdoors in Idaho

Outdoors in Idaho.

Idaho in the summertime is sublime. The fresh mountain air calls, luring me to the hills to enjoy the summer sunshine. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival down on Warm Springs Avenue swings into full gear welcoming friends and neighbors to view Shakespeare under the majestic stars. The Boise River fills with fishermen trying to catch the next big fish as families float by on the current. Neighbors smile and wave as they mow their yards side by side.

Helping the Treasure Valley through The Black Door

Local Organization Focuses on Giving not Recognition Article Nikelle Wood Photography Tom Hamilton is a ‘For-Purpose’ Organization that believes ordinary people can create extraordinary change! After years of donating both time and money to various events with purpose, we noticed that there was a consistent absence of two things— privacy and connection. Realizing this … Continued

‘Brief’ Run, BIG party

‘Brief’ Run, BIG party 1

Boise’s 2nd Annual Cupid’s Undie Runners Hits the Streets of Downtown Boise this Valentine’s Day Article Amy Pence-Brown Photography Provided As soon as doctors gave Hayley Brown’s three-month old baby girl, Nora, the official, spine-chilling diagnosis – Neurofibromatosis 1 – Brown knew she had to do something to help her daughter, so she decided to … Continued

Brides & Bravery

 Brides & Bravery  I love weddings. The excitement of witnessing a bride and groom marry is such a wonderful experience. I will never forget the day I married the love-of-my-life, Sam. The weather was chilly for our outdoor reception in our family friend’s orchard, but we didn’t care. The bottom of my dress brushed across mud leaving a smudge of dirt along the hem, but it didn’t matter. We were creating cherished memories, together.  It’s been a while since that fateful day, but it is not a day I will ever forget. As you read through the pages of this Wedding Issue, I hope you find ideas that will help to make your wedding or the wedding of someone you care about an unforgettable experience. Watch for the story about LaNeige Bridal to help you find just the right dress for the special occasion. Look for advice from Michael Tapia, owner of local restaurant and catering company Kindness, about how to find just the right caterer. Receive fun tips from a recent Boise bride about the best way to plan a wedding while staying on budget.

Planting the Future 5th Annual Celebration

Idaho-based charity Semilla Nueva helps rural Guatemalan farmers learn sustainable agricultural practices. Local supporters and Rotarians bid on silent auction items while enjoying hearing about the past year’s successes. Proceeds help fund an upcoming Rotary Global Grant.

May 2015 Around Town

Are you at risk of developing hereditary breast or ovarian cancer? Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women ages 18-45. Emily Barker is the Boise Support Ambassador. Barker lease monthly Outreach Groups where individuals get together and connect with other high risk women about hteir experiences. To learn more about Bright Pink visit or contact Emily at

New Tutoring Center Opens in Meridian

Mathnasium, a new neighborhood math-only learning center, recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the newest tutoring center in the Boise area. Specially trained math tutors are excited to teach math in an individual setting.

Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope 3

“We still love life, we haven’t yet forgotten the voice of nature, and we keep hoping for … everything.” –Anne Frank, May 26, 1944

Year-Round Snowstorm Hits Downtown Boise

When Deb Spoja was in her 20s and all her friends were going off to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco to buy their wedding dresses, she thought about opening a bridal shop in Boise. Instead, she fell in love and got married herself. After raising four kids and helping her husband get through medical school and become an Army doctor in Texas, she finally got her chance.

All About Flooring

All About Flooring

Casey Dillabaugh, owner of Dillabaugh Flooring America and Design, began an informal apprenticeship to learn the flooring business at the age of 13.

Horse Sense Ability

Horse Sense Ability 3

Diana Lincoln-Haye doesn’t horse around when treating her clients. Lincoln-Haye MS, LPC, NCC has loved and lived around horses her entire life. She trained and used them on her family’s cattle ranch in Kimberly, Idaho for 27 years, so it was natural that when she became a counselor she would use them in therapy with her clients. She helped raise an autistic grandson and when she found that riding was beneficial for him, she realized it might be helpful for others.

Hamsters Help Out

As residents of the Treasure Valley, we pride ourselves on being a community where people are not afraid to pitch in and help out. The Runaway Hamsters, a local music group does exactly that.

Bravo! for Ken and Betty Rodgers

Bravo! for Ken and Betty Rodgers 4

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in 1868 to remember Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. Today, on Memorial Day, we honor all Americans who died while serving in the military. Some of those honored served in Vietnam.

Sarah Raker & Michael Koseki

Sarah Raker & Michael Koseki 1

 Sarah and Michael Koseki from Boise were married on May 25, 2013.  The proposal came a year and a half before on Christmas Eve. A night of so much excitement, Sarah couldn’t sleep!  The couple recommends a long engagement to plan and afford the wedding as you go along. Their venue, the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Boise, was secured at a Wedding Show for a remarkable price. Sarah gathered ideas on Pinterest and spent time creating many do-it-yourself projects that saved expenses. This included the beautiful bridal bouquet she made with vintage broaches.

Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Wedding

Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Wedding

Your big day has come and gone. Your dress was fabulous, the officiator was funny, in just the right way, the flowers were beautiful, and the whole wedding day was everything you hoped it would be. The only thing you wished you had spent more time researching? The caterer. The chicken was rubbery, the mashed potatoes lumpy, and the green beans were ice cold. Unfortunately, wedding guests will remember the food, almost as much as they will remember the wedding itself.

The Art of the RSVP

I was, walking down the aisle on the arm of my tuxedo-clad father, beaming from ear to ear when it happened. I spotted a guest, a college friend standing tall above the rest at six and a half feet. But the problem was not my very tall college friend, nor the perfect organ music, flowing ivy and flowers or my Princess Diana-like dress. It was the woman standing NEXT to my college friend.

Attorney, Advocate and Actvist

Attorney, Advocate and Actvist

“My greatest professional passion is helping women and children,” states Terri Pickens Manweiler, managing partner of Pickens Law, P.A. Pickens Manweiler is a Hope Level Corporate Pillar for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance and a volunteer attorney for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Pickens Manweiler’s favorite achievement or accomplishment is being honored with the TWIN Award (Tribute to Women in Industry) by the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA). She has a special connection to the children served by CASA and the WCA.