2018: New Beginnings

For most of us, January is a new beginning in many ways, each one as different as we are.  For those of us who want a new start on our health and fitness in 2018, we are sharing some unique ways to go about reaching our goals.  This issue features gyms that have something special to offer, as well as…

A Season of Giving

As we turn the page of this year’s calendar to December, it seems like it was just yesterday we were singing carols, unwrapping gifts and toasting to 2017. Now—as unbelievable as it may seem—it’s time to do it all over again.

A Time to Be Thankful

November for me has always been about food and fun times with family and friends. Our family calendar is packed full of events, dinners, activities and get-togethers from now until the first of the year. Not many things bring friends and family together like great food. In this issue, we are highlighting a few local chefs who have dedicated most…

Fall, Football & Fishing

Fall is my favorite season. The cooler weather, fall colors and a break from the long summer heat are something I look forward to every year. I’m constantly reminded of the beauty Idaho has to offer as well as the many outstanding activities our city provides.

What’s Your Style?

As September comes and the change of weather approaches, so 
 comes one of the essential issues of the season: the fashion issue. Fashion: a—a prevailing custom, usage or style; b (1)—the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; (2)—a garment in such a style.

Back to School!

As the summer starts to wind down and schools are starting back up, we can’t help but notice that fall is right around the corner. This is my favorite time of year. It was almost exactly one year ago at this time that my oldest son and I hiked Mount Borah, the highest mountain peak in Idaho at 12,662 feet.…

Summer Fun and Adventure

My family wanted hamburgers tonight, so I dusted off the outdoor grill and fired it up for the first time this year. Just as I was finishing up, I was hit with a sudden burst of wind, followed by rain. I could feel the cold burst of air rushing by and it reminded me of the weeks preceding Halloween, sharp…

June 2017 Lifestyle Letter

My wife Julie and I have been married for 22 years now. We have six sons, ranging in age from 19 down to 2. We have our hands full and spare time doesn’t really exist anymore. Despite that lack of time, I’ve always achieved more around the house in May and June than any other time of the year. June…


In 1592, Shakespeare achieved his first masterpiece on stage with Richard III. The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last completed play, was performed in 1611. 1720 marks the year the symphony began to develop as a musical form, deriving from the overtures of operas. In 1763, 7-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began a three-year concert tour of Europe. The ballet Swan Lake premiered at…

28 Days of Local

So here we are: February. We survived the holiday season, we rang in the New Year and now we get to celebrate the shortest month of the year, the month of love and the knowledge that spring is just a hop, skip and a jump away. A lot happens in February. This month, we celebrate historically and culturally significant events…

A Community Resolution

The beginning of any year brings a lot of new things. A new start, a new outlook and, of course, a New Year's resolution...or several. 
Some of the most common resolutions include resolving to eat healthier, to get to the gym more and, overall, a goal for better physical fitness.

Happy Holidays

"Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too. Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you." If you couldn't tell, we're snuggled up by the fire, drinking some peppermint hot chocolate and dreaming of sugar plums—reading this month's issue of Boise Lifestyle, of course. Thanks for joining us!


The penultimate month of the year is always a special one—one in which we're reminded of the wealth of gratitude we have for the people in our lives and for the Boise community.

Hello Boise!

I'll say it again—Hello Boise! And welcome to October. When you think of this particular month, what comes to mind? Perhaps it's the spookiness of Halloween and the idea of Boise's little rugrats dressed up this year's popular icons knocking on your doors for a sweet treat.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

It’s about that time I find myself asking, “How is it September already?” Sure, we all asked it when Easter rolled around, and again when Independence Day came and went, but there's something about the end of the summer season that makes us feel like there's still so much we need to cram into the last few months of the…


Happy August! This month is the time for soaking up the last weeks of precious summer and getting in your final summer adventures before fall eventually sets in. It's also the month for celebrating the successful and strong women in your life, whoever and wherever they may be.

The Men’s Edition

The month of July brings our Men’s Edition—and also a great chance to celebrate the men in your life, whether they are friends, fathers, brothers, partners, colleagues, cousins, or anyone in between. We have some great content this month that our male (and female) readers might enjoy, such as do-it-yourself car repair tips, a review of a BMW, and a…

It’s Finally Here – Summer!

It seems sometimes that summer will never come. Long winter days and winter coats on cold blistery days are so far removed from our longing for nice, warm weather. I can recall my school days when I'd look out the window at the playground and wonder if summer would ever come. But, of course, it finally did. Summer brings the…

Your Place Called Home

I've always believed that home is where the heart is. Feelings about home bring about thoughts of love and family. Maybe home is where you left your heart in search of the world and then realized there's no place like home.

Spring Has Sprung

I believe the basis of green living is eating good food. And with all the fantastic local produce in the Treasure Valley, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be eating good food. One of my favorite parts of spring is getting some dirt beneath my fingernails and planting my own garden. It seems like a small miracle every time a tiny…


I remember the first time I was moved by a piece of art. It was 112 degrees in Florence, Italy, and I was waiting in line to see the statue of David. I was not excited, and frankly would have rather been waiting in line for gelato. I had seen what felt like hundreds of sculptures, statues, and pieces of…

Publisher’s Letter

Boise Lifestyle Magazine is celebrating our first anniversary. What an incredible journey! We began mailing our magazine directly to 13,000 local households (the majority of Eagle, North Meridian, and North and East Boise neighborhoods), and 400 doctors/dentists/hospitals and retail outlets in February 2015. It is truly hard to believe that this time has passed so quickly. However, when I think…

Bring it On!

Oh, January! The holiday rush is nearly over and it’s time to focus on all things new, including the New Year! Traditionally it’s a time for us to make plans, set life-changing goals, and get our closets organized. It can also be a time where some choose to create new and dedicated strategies to work on their fitness and other…