Patio Dining

 Article Julie Meyer  Patio dining is a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather we have here in Idaho.  We recommend trying one of these restaurants with great patios next time you are dining out.    Cottonwood Grille

A Pinch of This, a Splash of That

Two tablespoons of this potent wine reduction can be substituted in a recipe, such as a pan sauce, tomato sauce, or roast beef jus, that calls for one-half to three-quarters cup of wine. Add this reduction near the end of the cooking time—the way you might finish a sauce by swirling in some butter. The reduction can be kept for…

Telaya Winery

Before Earle Sullivan, along with his wife Carrie, committed his life to the art of winemaking, he was traveling 280 days out of the year as the COO of a pharmaceuticals company. He wanted to spend time with his two boys, while still engaging in an intellectually stimulating career. Everything he’s done since then has been purposeful in innovating the…

Catch the Spirit of Ste. Chapelle

Looking for a getaway, or perhaps planning a wedding? Look no further than enriching you and friends with a visit to Ste. Chapelle. You will find this enchanting Idaho getaway tucked away in one of Idaho’s beautiful wine growing regions: the Snake River Basin area.

Cocktail Popsicles

GROWN-UP TWIST: Dunk in a glass of your favorite vodka for a summertime spin on the classic Greyhound Cocktail.

A Spirited Holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, opportunities for delicious sweets and elegant drinks are bound to be plentiful.