Feather your nest.

It’s November, the weather has turned and it feels like it’s time to burrow in and do a bit of nesting. For me that usually includes making a pot of soup, pouring a glass of wine and curling up with a good book.

The golden days of autumn.

Autumn is, hands down, my favorite time of the year. It always has been. As a child I loved the fall season because it brought a few of my favorite things, like my birthday and the start of a new school year and new school supplies. I was one of those kids who got more excited about the new pencils…

Locally grown.

My grandpa was an Idaho farmer who always had a huge garden full of corn, tomatoes, radishes, raspberries and blue ribbon prize winning banana squash. I spent many hot summer days eating strawberries right off the vine while "helping" grandpa husk corn for dinner.

Outdoors in Idaho

Idaho in the summertime is sublime. The fresh mountain air calls, luring me to the hills to enjoy the summer sunshine. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival down on Warm Springs Avenue swings into full gear welcoming friends and neighbors to view Shakespeare under the majestic stars. The Boise River fills with fishermen trying to catch the next big fish as families…

Brides & Bravery

 Brides & Bravery  I love weddings. The excitement of witnessing a bride and groom marry is such a wonderful experience. I will never forget the day I married the love-of-my-life, Sam. The weather was chilly for our outdoor reception in our family friend’s orchard, but we didn’t care. The bottom of my dress brushed across mud leaving a smudge of…