Local Nonprofits Get Boost from Airport Passengers

Boise Airport travelers with spare change have long known the challenge of dumping their coins in the X-ray machine dish and then trying to scrape them all back out again. Recently, however, those going through security have had the option to give their change to three local nonprofits. Over the past year, those nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies have added up to more than $5,000.

“Kindness is a very real part of our cultural fabric here in Boise,” Mayor David Bieter says in a release. “The money donated at the collection stations is one of the many ways our community shows kindness and support for one another.”

Neighbors in Need netted $2,268.90, Friends of Zoo Boise got $1,415.96 and the Friends of the Boise Public Library received $1,457.72 in donations.

With the success of the effort, the donation kiosks will remain at the security checkpoint at the Boise Airport.

New Boise Park Dedicated

Boise added another park to its collection at the end of May.

Mariposa Park, on the corner of Mitchell and Irving Streets, offers plenty of pathways, green spaces, a pond and a fenced dog park.

The park’s new name was chosen from entries submitted by students who attend the city’s school-based community centers. The winning entry, chosen from among 89 names, belonged to Whitney Elementary School fourth-grade student Riley Fuller. Riley was on-hand at the dedication to help cut the ceremonial ribbon marking the opening.

As part of the park’s namesake, it will feature a pollinator garden to attract butterflies and provide educational opportunities for visitors to learn more about the city’s Parks, Monarchs and Milkweeds program.

“We are excited to build on Riley’s butterfly theme as we enhance this new park,” Boise Parks and Recreation director, Doug Holloway, says in a release. “While the green-up phase has been completed, there are plans to add more amenities in future years, including a picnic shelter, playground and more when additional funding is available.”

Compost Site Opens in West Boise

Need some compost? In Boise, you now have two options. The city recently opened a compost pickup location at 12142 W. Joplin Road. It joins the existing location at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

If you’re a Boise residential compost customer, you’re entitled to two yards of compost a year (which is roughly enough to fill a pickup truck bed). Make sure to bring a shovel when visiting the self-serve locations.

According to the City of Boise, since the 2017 launch of curbside composting, more than 50,000 tons of compostable material have been collected from the 73,000-plus customers that participate. That collected material is taken to the 20 Mile South Composting Facility. Throughout 90-120 days, the material is processed until it becomes finished compost.

The finished compost is then available to Boise residential compost customers. The compost is also used for city green spaces like parks and golf courses, as well as sold wholesale (with the revenue invested back into the program to help offset costs).

You can learn more about the city’s compost program at CityOfBoise.org.