Friendships Matter

In the TV show Psych, Shawn and Gus work together to solve crimes. Their friendship is memorable; they have inside jokes, tease and laugh together, disagree and help each other out. While you may not need someone to help you solve crimes, having friends to hang out with, laugh together and encourage each other is important for men. Here are a few ideas to help you build your connections.

Ask Better Questions

Whether you are just meeting a new acquaintance or hoping to get to know someone better, the quality of your questions can make a big difference. For example, it is easy to ask someone what kind of work they do, but it is much more powerful to ask them to tell you what a regular workday looks like for them. Better questions can help you get to know others.

Be Interested

Keep learning about things you have an interest in and share them with others. Listen and respond with encouragement when other people discuss their interests.

Create Opportunities

When trying to build friendships, it can help to have a plan. Rather than vaguely suggesting getting together sometime, offer an extra ticket or two to an event. Pull up your calendar and choose a day and time to meet up. People are busy, so it means a lot to actually set something down in your calendar.  

Remember that friendships take time. Make some time for them today!


Other Ways to Get Involved

—Volunteer for a cause you love

—Join a team or club

—Get involved with a community church

—Take a class

—Coach a kids’ sports team