For the Guys

Last month, we brought you our Ladies issue—it is ladies first, after all—and this month, we present our “Gents” issue, celebrating all things masculine.

While our readership consists of 64 percent female readers, June is dedicated to the other 36 percent, the gentlemen of the Treasure Valley. With six sons, our family has our fair share of testosterone and is pleased to bring you one of our favorite issues.

Of course, there’s Father’s Day on June 16, but there are so many more reasons why it’s great to be a guy this month. With the summer season underway, the long, sunny days can be filled with backyard cookouts, baseball games, camping trips, fishing excursions and so much more. 

To gather information for this issue, we looked to the experts: the men of Treasure Valley! Our very own Roger Phillips takes us to our local ski resorts for some summer fun. Want to learn more about Roger? He is also featured in this month’s “Inspired by Success” story. We’ve also included info on my personal car, a 2015 Dodge Challenger. I go over all the bells and whistles of my dream ride in our Driver’s Notebook feature.

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