If you spend any time at all on the roads here in the Treasure Valley, you are well aware of the population boom. With an increase in people moving to our great state, our local housing market is strong, and the roads are getting packed.

Obviously, our local community is getting noticed. With our annual Home Issue, we wanted to focus on some of the unique aspects of our city that make it such a great place to live, and we asked for some help from some of our local experts.

Mother-daughter team Alexandra and Rhonda Pollock offer some tips on putting together a welcome gift basket for anyone special who may be visiting us this spring. April Florczyk and her team of real estate experts help us show off three different and distinctive styles of homes found within our community. Heather Echevarria provides some great before-and-after photos of a 17th Street historical home recently reinvented. Finally, Mickey and Laurie with Heart in Home Realty share some home health and wellness tips and healthy building practices.

Our March issue would not be complete without Roger Phillips taking us to Hells Canyon to learn more about this amazing outdoor destination.

We hope this issue inspires you to appreciate the place you call home—both your personal dwelling and our shared community—whether you’ve just moved or it’s a place your family has occupied for generations.

Here’s to home sweet home!