Create a Lovely Welcome Basket and Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Some are born with the gifts and talents of a natural hostess. Even if thoughtfulness and effortless charm are not your strengths, anyone can make guests feel relaxed and pampered by putting together a delightful welcome basket. 

Mother-daughter team Alexandra and Rhonda Pollock recently opened a European-inspired boutique, Maison Blue, at 50 North Second St. in Eagle. This old-world-style basket was created by Alexandra and is filled with special items she loves. Putting your personality into your selections adds a personal touch.

“Think about things that you would enjoy receiving, include some meaningful and useful items and you have a winning combination,” Alexandra says.

1. French Linen makeup bags, package of 2 | $40

2. Orange marmalade scented candle in vintage Dundee Marmalade jar | $69

3. Vintage-inspired matches, available in red or white, various sizes | $10

4. The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde | $25

5. Petite bowl, Farmhouse Pottery, handmade in Vermont | $16

6. Solid brass petite scoop | $16

7.       Blithe & Bonny, Honey Almond, Hand & Body Lotion $20

8.       Blithe & Bonny, Honey Almond, Bee Soap $5

9.       Flowers from Wishing Well Botanicals, Blush Roses and White Hydrangeas in Handmade Anniversary Cup by Yarnnakarn Ceramics Studio. $50-cup

10.   Belly Basket, white, medium $45 available in various sizes and colors

All items available for purchase at: 

Maison Blue, 50 N 2nd St, Eagle, Instagram -maisonblueidaho