These Boise Residents Know How to Have Fun! Explore Their Hobbies and Take a Look at Their Holiday Wish Lists.

In the Kitchen with Jackie Kiralla

Why do you enjoy cooking?

Cooking is a combination of science and creativity—what could be more fun? I love both experimenting with new recipes and making tried-and-true family favorites. I also like collecting kitchen gadgets and appliances and putting them to use, sometimes with good results and sometimes not so much. Cooking and sharing a special meal, a casual dinner or even a failed recipe can connect us to family and friends with shared experiences and lasting memories.

How did you discover your career path?

I went back to school to find a career in the healthcare industry, which would offer a challenge and stability. After completing my accreditation in medical billing and coding, I envisioned working in a large office/hospital setting. I was approached for a position at a small company, Prairie Medical, and it has been a perfect fit for me. I work with a fantastic group of people who are specialized and truly care about the needs of our patients and an employer who empowers her employees to be part of the team. Prairie Medical is a specialty durable medical equipment company which provides equipment to patients with impaired lymphatic/arterial systems. We also are incredibly proud of our beautiful mastectomy boutique, which carries the Treasure Valley’s largest selection of in-stock bras and breast forms. 

How do you balance work/life? 

By trying to be fully present wherever I am. I try to not over-schedule events because stuff always comes up, even if it is just napping on the porch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for finding time to do things you enjoy?

Sometimes the best way to make time to do things you enjoy is to actually schedule it into your day. Also, inviting others to participate with you helps to ensure you are more likely to do things you enjoy. 

All I want for Christmas is:

1. Oven gloves: “Much more effective than regular pot holders.” $25,

2. Cuisinart immersion hand blender: “Whisk, whip, puree and blend everything from whipped cream to hot soups.” $69,

3. Vitamix 5200: “Easily handles all ingredients including veggies, fruits, nuts and ice to create perfect smoothies, soups, dressings, nut butters and more.” $400,

4. OXO Good Grips salad spinner: “The push-down lever makes this one easy to use.” $30,

5. Lodge cast-iron skillet: “If you want to make the best cornbread out there, you must have a cast-iron skillet.” $25,

6. Sur la Table cooking classes: “Lots of fun classes based on the season.” $55-$85,

7. Paprika recipe manager app: “Fantastic way to compile, track, print and make notes of all your recipes.” $20,

On the Trail with Justin Parker

Why do you enjoy horseback riding?

I like the peace and quiet in the wilderness and being away from cell phones. For four years after high school, I trained and reined horses. I also used to team rope; now I just ride for pleasure while hunting and fishing.

How do you balance work/life? 

I plan ahead as much as possible and work hard to play hard. Having a wonderful team gives me the freedom to enjoy riding my horses.

All I want for Christmas is:

1. Elephant boots, $275

2. Breast collar, $71.95

3. Beaded belt, $69

4. Saddle pad, $175

5. Pack, $156

All items available at Idaho Cowboy Supply in Caldwell.

Out in the Hills with Jerimiah Jenkins

Why do you enjoy snowmobiling?

As the owner of a landscape company, I have very little time for recreation when the weather is warm. I enjoy snowmobiling because it is something I can do in my downtime of the winter. I am realizing if you don’t make the time to go, you won’t ever go. We are generally off three to four days a week during the winter, allowing me to spend more time in the hills. I always take my cell phone with me and try to stay close to areas I have service in case something arises with work. I have the best crew/team working for me. They give me peace of mind that I can leave my business for a couple days, and it will be in good hands. 

How did you and Justin meet and end up starting a business together?

Justin Parker and I met randomly. I was out mowing lawns 11 years ago when he stopped by, introduced himself and gave me a business card, and we became friends. We have quite a bit in common, such as our work ethic and goals as well as enjoying our free time. Throughout our friendship, we have often talked about partnering up because the services offered by my lawn care business, Country Boy’s Lawn Care, and the services from Parker Tree Service are a great fit. This year, we decided to join forces and start up Elite Lawn & Tree Techs. We have seen huge benefits of working together since day one. 

All I want for Christmas is:

1. Satellite phone, $600, 

2. Avalanche bag, $525,

3. KLIM Caribou GORE-TEX waterproof snowmobiling mitten, $110, 

4. KLIM Adrenaline GTX snowmobile boots, $240,