Thanksgiving Traditions 5

Kathy Petersen, Secretary of the Board of Directors for Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs

Kathy Petersen celebrates three traditions each year—Dad’s turkey bowl, Mom’s upside-down turkey and the gratitude list—and wouldn’t have it any other way. In this way, “we work off some of the calories, enjoy moist turkey breast while remembering our blessings,” she says.

Randy & Cherie Owners of Renditions

Randy Shelton maintains the tradition of inviting over those people who have no family or a place to go. Also, he and his two boys partake in the famous No Shave November.

Heather Swope, Sysco

Heather Swope’s traditions revolve around food. Her family has the same core items with some new side dishes, and her grandma always makes the best gravy. Her big family is close-knit, and she is thankful to spend the holidays with her favorite people.

Theresa Da Silva, Sysco

Theresa Da Silva is 100 percent Swedish, which means eating good Scandinavian food like lutefisk and korv. Dessert is Julgröt, a rice pudding, and whoever gets the whole almond in their dish gets one year of good luck and a little gift.  They decorate with traditional Christmas straw horses or wooden Dala horses and a Christmas advent wreath.

Gabe Crum, ICCU Mortgage Officer

Gabe Crum likes to be with family, and the day after Thanksgiving, everyone bundles up, grabs hot cocoa and heads to the mountains to cut down the Christmas tree. “The tree never looks good, but it always has a good story,” he says.

Michelle Caster, Continual Color

“My family loves food,” Michelle says. “For us, family-favorite recipes are the cherry on top of an already special time of the year. Each Thanksgiving we make our pumpkin butterscotch pie. In fact, we make it a few times just to make sure we get enough of it until next Thanksgiving rolls around!”