Hubble Homes

Hubble Homes 5

Hubble Homes worked with Charitable Assistance To Community’s Homeless to help Idaho’s homeless families through the sale of Hubble’s Hope, a home designed by and built by Hubble Homes. The team spent 30,000 hours on the project and worked with vendors and partners, who also contributed time and resources.

Ronald McDonald – Happy Wheels Cart Program

Ronald McDonald - Happy Wheels Cart Program 4

Ronald McDonald House is about keeping families close to their sick child and bringing comfort and care. That care will spread to the halls of St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital and Saint Alphonsus Pediatrics with the new Happy Wheels cart program, providing a moment of refreshment, support and comfort for families.

A Time to Be Thankful

A Time to Be Thankful

November for me has always been about food and fun times with family and friends. Our family calendar is packed full of events, dinners, activities and get-togethers from now until the first of the year.
Not many things bring friends and family together like great food. In this issue, we are highlighting a few local chefs who have dedicated most of their lives to bringing people together through great food. We also added a few recipes to help you impress this holiday season.

Facing Open Enrollment?

Facing Open Enrollment? 1

Idahoans will continue to have a range of options for their medical and dental insurance plans in 2018 — including 299 certified plans through the state’s health insurance exchange, Your Health Idaho.
The open enrollment period for 2018 plans available through the exchange is November 1-December 15.

Worthy Reads

Worthy Reads 8

I have only read one Jodi Picoult book, and it was a long time ago, but this more recent read reminded me of what a fantastic author she is. She’s gripping and interesting from the very first page. I mean, elephants, psychics and a missing woman—is there a better combination?

Little Chefs

Little Chefs 2

My sister-in-law, Aunt Gina is renowned for her delectable cooking. Her sweet potato pie is a family favorite every Thanksgiving.

East Boise Living? We Have You Covered

East Boise Living? We Have You Covered 2

Nobody moves to Idaho to spend more time in a cubicle.
We’re here to enjoy the things we love: our families, outdoor fun, blue skies—the good life.
East Valley, a community tucked between the Boise River and the Foothills in Boise’s beautiful Barber Valley, embodies all of this.

Out of the Kitchen

Out of the Kitchen 6

Longtime Treasure Valley resident and chef Rich Jimenez was raised in a family of cooks. His parents own a restaurant on the bench, where he grew up bussing tables and working in the family business at around age 14.
“My parents raised me with their hard work ethic,” Jimenez says.
Bolstered with this industrious upbringing, Jimenez was exposed to every aspect of the food industry. Working behind the scenes, a young Jimenez began his hand at making desserts and salads.

November 2017 Around Town

November 2017 Around Town 2

Members of the 124th Fighter Wing were awarded the 2017 Carl S. Spaatz Trophy during the National Guard Association of the United States Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky.
The Spaatz Trophy is awarded to the overall outstanding flying unit in the Air National Guard. The winner is selected based on overall combat readiness, an exceptional ground and flight safety record and resource execution.

Nutella Braised Shortribs

Nutella Braised Shortribs

Working in batches, roll the meat in seasoned flour and sear in a hot pan in oil. Transfer seared meat to a deep baking pan. Add any leftover flour, seasoning and onions to the hot oil to make a spiced onion roux. Remove hot roux from heat and carefully add in remaining ingredients. Pour mixture over meat. Cover the pan tightly and place in oven for 3 hours at 300 F.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions 5

Kathy Petersen celebrates three traditions each year—Dad’s turkey bowl, Mom’s upside-down turkey and the gratitude list—and wouldn’t have it any other way. In this way, “we work off some of the calories, enjoy moist turkey breast while remembering our blessings,” she says.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure 1

If you love wildlife, Idaho is a great place because we have such a diversity of animals. If you live in the Treasure Valley, you don’t even have to leave the city limits to find it. 

Smoky Mountain Pizzeria & Grill

Smoky Mountain Pizzeria & Grill 9

When I went to Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill in Eagle a few weeks ago, I had no idea that I would be discovering my new favorite pasta place. I thought, “pizza, seems pretty straightforward, right?” Wrong. Smoky Mountain has a huge menu with an array of choices ranging from simple to sophisticated. The appetizer menu has a little bit of everything from garlic fries to brie kisses. In addition to their delicious pizza made from your choice of crusts, sauces and toppings, they also have salads, calzones, sandwiches, burgers, grilled entrees and an impressive lineup of 14 different pasta dishes. It was a challenge even to choose which things to try. Everything looked tempting and, after trying a few of our first choices, we will definitely be returning for our second and third choices.