Sometimes Angels Wear Badges 1

Last September, a call came into the Garden City, Idaho, police dispatch of a structure fire in the vicinity of 52nd and Remington streets. Detective James O’Gorman and Officer Danny Pierce were the first responders on the scene.

The front of the trailer was already engulfed in flames when the officers heard screams emanating from the inside. Jaime Randall, who lived in the house with his five dogs, were struggling with the smoke.

O’Gorman and Pierce immediately went to the back porch of the structure to see about freeing Randall. After a bit of work and a refrigerator blocking the back door, Randall and a few of the dogs were rescued from the house. Suffering minor burns, lung trauma and smoke inhalation Randall was shortly airlifted to a Utah medical facility, where he was treated.

Though the trailer was in a sizable lot and stood alone, damage was sustained to other property as well as a few vehicles on the premises. Randall, unfortunately, lost a few dogs to the toxic fumes during the fire.

After a brief investigation, it was ruled the fire was an accident and not caused by arson. The alleged cause of the fire was rumored to be an unextinguished cigarette that was burning on the front porch.

Shortly after being released from medical care, Randall sought out O’Gorman and Pierce to give them thanks for saving his life. He visited the officers at their precinct with candy bars and a card.

Though O’Gorman had a previous hotel fire rescue under his belt, this was a new experience for Pierce. Nevertheless, both officers acknowledge a certain “switch” goes off inside them, and all they know is to focus and help.

It might have been another day in the life of O’Gorman and Pierce, but for Randall, guardian angels sometimes wear badges.