July 2017 Driver's Notebook

Classic BMW; Consciously Engineered for the Environment

BMW does not disappoint in releasing the 2017 X3 xDrive35i, a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) with potential for a family road trip or track day. With four different drive modes, the ease of moving from city to mountains is seamless. The default comfort mode relaxes the throttle for everyday driving. For those eco-friendly drivers, the Eco-pro mode is, even more, fuel efficient by shifting at a lower RPM.

The X3 combines its features to provide not only an ideal driving machine but an environmentally conscious one as well. At a red light, the X3 turns off the engine to prevent waste. While many of us enjoy cooling our car down in the summer; BMW engineers do not condone the (illegal in Colorado), practice of “puffing,” or starting up a vehicle before driving. To avoid this cushioned process, BMW has provided an app for drivers to turn fans on or open the windows on summer days. If you have forgotten where you parked, this app also allows you to flash the vehicle’s lights, honk the horn and much more.

Day-to-day driving has never been safer; not only is the driver looking out for hazardous conditions, but the vehicle is as well. To make the driver aware of danger, the steering wheel vibrates when nearing a potential hazard. These include; lane departures, active blind spot awareness, and Active Cruise Control. These safety features combine to maintain a safe distance from you and the driver ahead. Steering wheel vibrations are not the only way the X3 alerts the driver; break interruptions will occur for potential frontal or pedestrian collisions.

Heads Up Display

The current and surrounding speed limit is displayed beyond the windshield. Drivers no longer need to divert eyes from the road to check speed. Also, projects turn by turn directions when navigation is being used.

Surround View

Cameras on the front bumper and in side-view mirrors monitor approaching traffic and allow for overhead parking.

Adaptive High Beams

Detects approaching vehicles, automatically turning off high beams for you.

WiFi- Hotspot Capability

Any device with wireless connectivity can access the internet via your smartphone’s shared 3G/4G data connection.

Google Powered,

Equipped with Advanced Real Time Traffic, all searches, and fastest routes are calculated by