May 2017 Around Town

May 2017 Around Town 3

Jean Henscheid was named interim director of the University of Idaho’s James A. and Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research, based in Boise. Her appointment follows the retirement of Priscilla Salant, who has served as the director since 2014.

Toys Donated by the Idaho Artistry in Wood Association

Toys Donated by the Idaho Artistry in Wood Association 4

Hundreds of toys made by members of the Idaho Artistry in Wood Association were donated to the El Korah Shrine in Boise for distribution to hospitalized children in the intermountain region. The presentation took place at the Wyndham Garden Boise Airport Hotel.

Idaho Day

Idaho Day 8

With the theme “Idaho the Beautiful,” residents, legislators and schoolchildren celebrated Idaho Day with special programs and music March 3 at the Idaho Statehouse in Boise. Idaho Day commemorates the day in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln made Idaho a territory.


Welcome to May!

In 1592, Shakespeare achieved his first masterpiece on stage with Richard III. The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last completed play, was performed in 1611. 1720 marks the year the symphony began to develop as a musical form, deriving from the overtures of operas. In 1763, 7-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began a three-year concert tour of Europe. The ballet Swan Lake premiered at the Bolshoi in Moscow in 1877. The performing arts are rich in history and timeless beauty.

Captured by Color

Captured by Color 2

As a former makeup artist for 30 years, I simply adore color. Years before obtaining real training, in my eager-to-look-grown-up-in-high-school years, I used practically every shade on my face—at one time. Clowns came to me for tips.

The All New BMW 5 Series

The All New BMW 5 Series

As a nation that values freedom, especially seeking adventure upon the open road, summer days were custom made to embrace such opportunities. So, why not upgrade your driving experience with a new set of wheels? The all-new BMW 5 series is all about the user experience, incorporating the latest technology with the fully integrated iDrive 6.0 system. Imagine taking the worry out of the driving equation with Active Lane Keeping Assistant, a feature that is designed to keep your vehicle safely centered and squared away in the driver’s lane. By utilizing built-in sensor cameras, drifting into other lanes or oncoming traffic will become a hazard of the past.

Performing Arts in Boise

Performing Arts in Boise 6

Though Boise is tucked into the mountains and may be most known for fly-fishing, trail hiking or amazing ski slopes just a short drive away, the secret is quickly coming out that it is also a well-curated cultural hub. People of a community are brought together by the arts, and it offers one of the biggest reasons why people don’t just move here but stay here. Every day of the week you are bound to find something exciting, whether it’s a musician playing cello on Eighth Street, a contemporary play written by a local author or a concerto being performed by the talented Boise Philharmonic. The arts are the heartbeat of this city and will lift you out of the daily grind, perhaps when you least expect it.

Camp Hodia

Camp Hodia 3

Children and teens throughout the country are familiar with the traditions of summer camp. For some kids, cabins and counselors are just a part of a routine summer vacation. But what if you were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a young child and have never had the opportunity to spend time away from your parents?

A Local European Getaway

A Local 
Getaway 5

Thirty years ago Susan Camille—now Susan Roghani—the founder of Idaho’s premier, award-winning beauty and wellness company Camille Beckman promised to build her loyal gift shop customers a small tea room where people could come and discuss various topics.
“My husband and I always wanted a community gathering place where people could come and talk about things like politics, religion and have social dialogue,” Roghani says.