Homemade Holidays 1

DIY Gratitude/Memory Jar

A gratitude jar is a timeless keepsake that you can make year-round for anyone, or for any occasion, for little to no cost—ensuring you’ll get points for creativity and thoughtfulness. Using a repurposed food or canning jar with a lid is preferable, but a small, plain or decorated cardboard, wood or tin box will also work. Use scraps of paper big enough to write a short sentence, but not too big to fit in your jar or box. Decorate with ribbon strips, along with your added love and imagination.

1. Make sure the jar or box, if reusing one, is clean and dry. There are several different routes you can take to decorating it. You can use festive holiday paper, felt or 3D stickers; a picture collage; or decorative paper scraps, shells or silk flowers. Attach with a hot glue gun or an all-purpose glue, such as Gorilla glue. Once the glue is dry, get your pen or marker ready for Step 2.

2. Cut small scraps of paper into 2×2-inch strips. Depending on how much you want to fill the jar or how much you want to write, you can fill out any time frame of memories or notes of gratitude about the gift recipient. For example: 12 notes—one for each month of the year, or 52—one for each week of the year, as it all depends on you. The notes may read “I love your amazing smile,” or “I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

3. Once you have filled out all the notes you want, roll them into little scrolls and tie with your scraps of ribbon or bread ties, or apply a small strip of tape to secure them.

4. Place them inside the jar or box and close the lid. Attach a handmade gift tag and get ready for endless hugs!