WineFest 6

WineFest is the primary fundraiser for the Basque Museum’s exhibits, educational programs, Ikastola (preschool), and other efforts. The 19th annual celebration gathered 800 people, with 15 wine distributors, 121 wines, auctions, pintxos (Basque tapas), and dancing. The celebration is usually the third Friday of August on the Basque Block. Photography Larry Ridenhour, Eneko Tuduri and Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Idaho Botanical Garden

Idaho Botanical Garden 7

On August 20, the Idaho Botanical Garden hosted a fun Bug Day for celebrating and teaching kids about bugs. The garden offered ladybug releases, bug races, Insect Olympics, edible insects, and a bug safari. At the end of the day, participants earned a Certificate in Bugology as new bug experts.

Hello Boise!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

I’ll say it again—Hello Boise! And welcome to October.
When you think of this particular month, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the spookiness of Halloween and the idea of Boise’s little rugrats dressed up this year’s popular icons knocking on your doors for a sweet treat.

Catch the Spirit of Ste. Chapelle

Catch the Spirit of Ste. Chapelle 7

Looking for a getaway, or perhaps planning a wedding? Look no further than enriching you and friends with a visit to Ste. Chapelle. You will find this enchanting Idaho getaway tucked away in one of Idaho’s beautiful wine growing regions: the Snake River Basin area.

Cinder Winery

Cinder Winery

Though it may seem like breweries are popping up almost every other week along Chinden, wineries are quietly taking center stage as visitors discover that Walla Walla and the Willamette Valley might have some competition. Cinder Winery is tucked neatly into, what some might call the “wine and beer district” of Garden City, just a stone’s throw from the Split Rail and Syringa Wineries and Bella Brewing. Cinder doesn’t see nearby wineries as competition, and in fact would welcome more grape-smashing neighbors. They already host visitors from states as far away as Maryland and Georgia, but the Treasure Valley is poised to become a real wine destination.

YMCA’s Master Track Program

YMCA's Master Track Program 6

Writer and activist Betty Friedan once said, “Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”
Those of us who have sauntered, crashed or headed clawing and screaming into middle age have come to realize new adventures and transformations await us so we had better get busy living.

October 2016 Around Town

October 2016 Around Town

The annual Albertsons Boise Open is bigger than ever. With new designation as one of four Tour Finals Event, it will host its strongest field of golfers to date. The Top 75 Tour players from the regular season will play against 75 PGA Tour players for 2016-2017 PGA Tour cards. Offering a $1 million purse, which is the largest purse on tour, the event will be highly competitive and provide great entertainment for spectators.

Steps of Style | Travel Edit

Steps of Style | Travel Edit

1. Travel Edit – Steps of Style blogger, Amy Dreyer, shares her packing list for a trip to the “CIty of Love” – Paris

Cool as a Cumcumber

Cool as a Cumcumber 3

Slice cucumbers into wedges. Bring water and vinegar to boil; mix in sugar and salt. Stir until dissolved. Turn off heat and let cool. Meanwhile, prep the garlic. Peel the garlic cloves and then give them a smash.