Third World Coffee with a Cause

The District Coffee House

Sometimes the love of great coffee, like the kind you get at Starbucks, Thomas Hammer or Dutch Bros., feels like a guilty pleasure.  “Did I just spend five dollars on a Flat White?”  Well, yes you did and you liked it.  Consider however, that  the proceeds from your indulgence (some would say necessity) went to a worthy cause.  This concept is in part what keeps the coffee flowing at The District Coffee House in downtown Boise.

An outreach of Calvary Chapel Boise,  the desire is to reach and connect people, in an atmosphere that also relates to and fits with the youth of the downtown area. It appears that they have been successful in this endeavor.  On any given afternoon, one frequently sees groups of young people studying, talking and generally hanging out.

But, reaching outward to help others, is just the beginning.  According to General Manager Kate Seward, “we operate with three goals:  Serving third wave coffee, providing kind and loving service, and operating as a non-profit where all proceeds go to those in need around the globe.”

Serving Third Wave Coffee, a movement to produce high-quality coffee and consider coffee an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity, is one of Seward’s passions.  The District was the first coffee house in the Boise area to adopt the concept of Third Wave Coffee. “This idea requires educating the consumer and inciting enthusiasm for sourcing, slow brew techniques and perfecting the art of espresso,” says Seward. “ Similar to wine, the climate where the coffee beans are sourced has a large effect on the taste. We roast our coffee locally with a unique fire-roasting process bringing out the distinctive flavor of 100 percent Arabica beans from around the world.”

Providing  kind and loving service starts once again, with looking outward.  The District Coffee House offers local refugees internships.  These interns learn everything from English and how to engage in culturally appropriate interactions to restaurant safety and health code standards.  “The goal is to provide refugees with a kick-start in understanding America’s workforce expectations and providing the knowledge necessary to find a job,” says Seward.  Similarly, The District provides artists from India an outlet to sell their goods within the coffee shop.  Look for beautiful leather goods, cards and tapestries.

Most importantly, The District Coffee House is a non-profit created to support an orphanage network called Send Hope.  Send Hope provides help to and awareness of hundreds of orphans in twelve different orphanages across India.  Your purchases help to provide food, a safe home, education, health care and love to these disadvantaged children, many whom are suffering  from HIV and leprosy or forced into childhood prostitution.  The Home of Hope orphanages, staffed by an indigenous staff of more than 250, has grown in presence over the last 30 years as a program of Calvary Chapel’s Missions outreach.  In addition, Send Hope assists in special projects throughout the world, from disaster relief to aid for refugees.

So, how can you get involved?  Stop by for coffee!