Publisher's Letter 1

Boise Lifestyle Magazine is celebrating our first anniversary.  What an incredible journey!

We began mailing our magazine directly to 13,000 local households (the majority of Eagle, North Meridian, and North and East Boise neighborhoods), and 400 doctors/dentists/hospitals and retail outlets in February 2015. It is truly hard to believe that this time has passed so quickly. However, when I think of what we’ve covered and how much fun we’ve had – it makes me proud to be a part of a new, community focused, quality magazine.

Some of the noteworthy feats in the last twelve months include interesting stories about local business’ in the Boise Valley, coverage of area art galleries and artists, heathy lifestyle tips from area professionals and visual road trips. It’s also been a privilege to tell the stories of interesting people such as: Nick Schleckaway, Rex Chandler, Terri Pickens Manweiler, PA, The Jefferson West Family, Doug Petcash, Jim Reynolds, Ben Quintana, Marcia Franklin and so many more.

Why did I take on the work and sacrifice necessary to launch a start up business in Boise? It’s simple. Like many of you, I love Boise!  Because I feel blessed to be here. And most importantly, I want to make a difference. Of all the great people and businesses that have passed through our pages, I’m most proud of the small way we’ve been able to promote philanthropic efforts. Of note are, Jon Swarthout, who was almost in tears when he saw the article on TRICA, an effort so dear to his heart, as he gathered multiple copies of the magazine to take to NYC to explain the breadth of the cause to potential partners there.  Also noted is the Otradovec’s of Gallery 601 and their passion for saving elephants in Africa, and how refugees have learned agricultural practices, and sustaining themselves through community gardens.

There is so much more we can do! And we want to hear from you. Your ideas about interesting people, business, students, teachers, families, and giving back and making a difference. Please go our website under “Contact Us.” We are here to serve and provide you with the Good News of Community.

We hope you see this publication as yours, and enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoy providing it.

Many Blessings!