Fussy Hussy - A Fusion Boutique 8

Wander through Fussy Hussy and chances are you’ll find something charming and unique: high quality merchandise in innovative displays at moderate prices. The stores’ owner, Paula, combined her vast experience in retail and fashion, with her long time association with designers in the US and abroad, to create a very unique experience in Boise. “Shoppers will discover funky, fun fashions and unique finds, as well as elegantly designed apparel.”

Fussy Hussy is a ‘Fusion Boutique’ blending 90% new product, with vintage and gently used merchandise, many being offered at wholesale pricing.  Paula runs the store with her friend and associate Martini, who previously owned Purple Sage clothing retail stores in both Sun Valley and Boise.

A recent Boise shopper discovered Fussy Hussy, a Fusion Boutique, and enjoyed the variety and hands on customer service. Days later, she returned to search for even more items she couldn’t do without. Headed for a vacation in a warm locale, she was thrilled to discover she could buy a wardrobe from a large selection of spring/summer items from 2016 collections, already in stock. Paula explains, “Many of these styles will not appear in most stores until April or May. Stocking these items early for winter travelers is an opportunity unique at Fussy Hussy.”

Opening for business in December 2015, the 6500 square foot space features one-of-a- kind items from various global designers, as well as unique accessories and jewelry options you’ll find throughout the store. “You can even rent jewelry from us for special occasions,” cites Paula. The ability to rent jewelry is an option exclusive to Fussy Hussy customers.

What’s next for this unique retail experience? Paula has plans to franchise the Fussy Hussy concept across the country, along with catalog and website sales. “Martini and I have trained hundreds of women over the years in both retail and wholesale venues with great success”, claims Paula. “We intend to do it again. It’s time to pass the Fussy Hussy, ‘Fusion Boutique’ concept to the next generation.”