Mobile Pet Medical Care

A Family Business

David Ormond, D.V.M., the founder of Mobile Pet Medical Care, was a veterinarian at Boise’s first emergency clinic. His son, Robert, also in practice with his dad, remembers an event long ago that inspired the mobile practice.

“One Friday a dog came in after being hit by a car, and even though my dad had the skills to fix the broken bone of the dog, he was forced to just keep it on pain meds until Monday when the clinic’s primary doctor would do the surgery,” recalls David’s son, Robert Ormond, D.V.M.  David quit that clinic and started a mobile practice modeled after one he discovered in Nebraska while training for the Air Force. In 1979, Ormond opened Mobile Pet Medical Care.

“I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I can remember,” reflects Robert. “Between 4th and 5th grade, after a summer of being with my dad working with animals, I told him I wanted to be his apprentice. As a teenager I answered phones and scheduled appointments. I graduated veterinary school in February 2011 and have practiced alongside my dad ever since.” Robert focuses on animal behavior, dermatology and dentistry.

“We do home visits to decrease the stress on pets and people,” shares Robert. “Ninety-eight percent of our work is with dogs and cats.”

“One of our patients, a cat, was kicked out of his last veterinarian due to his bad behavior,” relates Robert. “As I walked in the front door, the cat greeted me, rubbed up on my legs and let me pet him. I examined him in the entry way and gave the vaccines. After getting poked by the needles, the cat turned around, looked at me as if to say ‘That was strange’ and sat in a chair about four feet away. The cat’s owners truly saw the difference that a home visit makes. That’s why I do what I do–to relieve the stress of the animal and also the stress of the people.

“We do treat some farm animals. Monday we were sewing up a sheep. We are the veterinarian for the Aquarium so we get our exotic fix that way. There is never a dull moment being a house call vet.”

Their state-of-the-art, 26-foot clinic on wheels can do everything a regular clinic does, just at a patient’s front door.

“We have x-ray, microscope, dental cleaning equipment, a surgery suite and full pharmacy,” Robert says. “We have literally everything a ‘fixed facility’ has.”“We give personal, focused care at a reasonable price through our wellness member plans,” explains Robert Ormond, D.V.M. “For just $25 a month you can have exams, vaccines, a dental cleaning and other services or prescriptions at an up to 50 percent discount. All of this serviced through our mobile clinic. For $20 per month it can be serviced through our Meridian clinic, Linder Pet Medical Care.”

Clients are surprised by their communication style.

“Many of my clients are surprised with the time I take explaining things,” he says. “We make sure you know what the plan is to take care of your pet before we leave the patient.”

Veterinary medicine is challenging.

“Everything that comes through the door is not only a different case but potentially a different species,” Robert explains. “This also is what makes it so enjoyable. Healing pets and keeping them healthy has a huge impact on people’s well being.”

Robert has his own pet, too–a cat named Baxter–who he shares with his wife Katie and their five energetic children.