Life with my dogs. 1

My mother likes to tell the story of my first experience with a dog. My brother brought home a stray, which the family named Rastus. I was just a toddler and Rastus tried to lick my face. This upset me. My mother told me that Rastus was being friendly and “just giving me kisses.” According to my mom, my demeanor immediately changed. With a smile I said, “Thank you, doggie!” My love of dogs likely began at that moment.

Is there anything more loyal than a dog? They’re there when we’re happy, and beside us when we’re weak. They’ll wait when we’re late and be just as happy that their master is home. Pets are our friends that don’t judge, criticize or leave us for someone else. To them, the grass is never greener. Their love can take a miserable day and turn it into a smile. Their need for us, can give us a reason to be.

My dogs, Mike and Sasha Suzie are full of their own personalities. Both were abused as pups, and I “saved” them from the pound, but I believe it’s also true that they pick us.

My old boy Mike is in his golden years. He can no longer jump up into the car, and frequently needs help getting up to his sleeping place on the couch. I’ll know when the day comes for him to go to heaven, but I will repay his loyalty to me as long as I can.

In the Boise Valley, we love our pets. I hope you enjoy this edition dedicated to pets as you meet some folks from all walks of life committed to their furry and feathered friends. I’ll close with a quote from Dean Koontz, “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.”