This one’s for the boys...

As a woman writing the publisher’s letter for the “Men’s Edition,” I find myself not quite sure where to start. I’ve considered myself one of the guys in many circumstances. I was a tomboy as a child—one of the first picked, along with the boys, as one of the best kickball players on the playground. I was the only female with the on-air staff at several radio stations where I worked as a young adult. I could hang with the guys. Ultimately however, I’ve always embraced my womanhood and had a certain respect for things distinctly masculine. Maybe I felt a certain envy of my male counterparts’ freedom to be and do the  things that back in my day were considered inappropriate for females.  Men – the empowered!

As fate would have it, I had only one child, my son Jason. He is the light of my world. This somehow seems appropriate as my ability to embrace all things girlie has never come easily. Jason’s first obsession was with big trucks. He was fascinated with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Ninja Turtles and later Mortal Combat. He would play outside until he was pure dirt, then run inside to scream, “Mom! Love you!” then run back to rejoin his friends. He was…all boy.

I went to that boy’s wedding last month. He will now have a family and will be the man. This made me ponder the qualities that I wish for my son that I know will serve him and his family. A man should respond. It takes discipline to filter oneself. Boys react, men respond. Men have a cause. Jason doesn’t have to end world hunger, but he can fight to be a better version of himself. Men take action while boys complain. And finally, my son Jason, men, and all humans should be free to be unashamedly themselves!

Please enjoy this edition dedicated to men. You’ll meet several that are making a difference and taking action to change the fields in which they play.