Local Organization Focuses on Giving not Recognition
Article Nikelle Wood Photography Tom Hamilton
TheBlackDoor.org is a ‘For-Purpose’ Organization that believes ordinary people can create extraordinary change! After years of donating both time and money to various events with purpose, we noticed that there was a consistent absence of two things— privacy and connection. Realizing this lack, our vision soon began to take shape, and our journey started. Confidentiality is a crucial component of how we operate at The Black Door. Some people do not want recognition for their philanthropic efforts or at least the financial extent of those efforts. Specifically referencing the monetary donations and gifts, we promise our donors to keep private matters private and show our gratitude by spending time and money wisely.
We also noticed that the interwoven connections were strong amongst the leaders of philanthropic events but there was a lack of connection between the leaders and the volunteers and/or those receiving assistance. We commit to connecting those in need with those who can help by clearly understanding the hopes and intentions of both. When our leaders come together with our volunteers and those in need of assistance, they help cultivate the relationship and encourage friendship, trust and reciprocity. When a volunteer experiences the delight of a refugee who just read their first book in English or when they see a “Wish Child’s” eyes light up with hope because of a ‘Wish’ granted it becomes easy to understand the power of giving.
TheBlackDoor.org is living proof that we all possess the necessary capabilities to enact great change in our world. We have seen this proof shine bright in various events and causes where we have been involved. For instance, last year TheBlackDoor.org participated in the annual Make-A-Wish Idaho event— The Ultimate Urban Challenge. This exhilarating bicycle race challenges contestants to succeed on behalf of their Wish Child even when mentally and physically exhausted paralleling the challenge a Wish Child experiences with his or her own life-threatening illness.
Our Black Door is representative of one of the most famous black doors in history, 10 Downing Street in Britain. Ten Downing Street has been the home of British Prime Ministers since 1735. It is one of the most important political buildings in history. Some of the most critical decisions affecting Britain and the world have been made behind the black door at 10 Downing Street. This history and the door symbolize our vision, thus our name was born. The Black Door is where we will make powerful decisions, bring to fruition our passion of helping others and take action to create change in this world!
Our desire to create change brings about many opportunities to help those in need, in the past year we have helped Full Circle Exchange, Make-A-Wish Idaho, Agency for New Americans, Tidwell Social Services and Restore Missions. We even provided a cultural Thanksgiving dinner to our local refugee community courtesy of Amerherst Madison Real Estate. Are you ready to help Make a Difference?
TheBlackDoor.org is in need of volunteers for two exciting events taking place this June. Make-A-Wish Idaho’s Ultimate Urban Challenge 4-person Bicycle Competition will take place in downtown Boise on June 20th. The needs for this exhilarating event range from sponsorship to challenge volunteers.
The World Village Festival takes place in downtown Boise, June 19-21. The Festival is a three day cultural summer solstice celebration. Various international and traditional artists, musicians, storytellers, artisans and representatives will demonstrate cultural traditions through performances, workshops and other interactive activities. This event will be held at Capitol Park and other various downtown locations beginning at 6pm on the 19th. The volunteer opportunities at the Festival are vast. For specific information or contributions for either event, please email us at theblackdoor.org@gmail.com.

Photo caption: TheBlackDoor.org met with the Global Lounge Group to drum up some fun at local Art Festival in January 2015.
Photo caption: Ishi Sanchez performs the flamenco for the Global Lounge Group.